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Our bidets represent the latest in toileting technology. If you’ve ever been to Japan, and marvelled at the functionality and range of their toilets or used one of there bidets, then take a look at our products. We have everything from environmentally friendly, non electronic bidets, all the way up to remote controlled, mp3 playing, autoflushing marvels of technology.

Gone are the days of needing to use rough toilet paper on the most sensitive part of your body. If you have sensitive skin, chronic bowel illness or are mobility impaired, then our products will restore your quality of life in ways you never through possible.

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Coway bidets are the best in the world, and have repeatedly won in their categories at the World Design Awards.

Our line of Throne Eco Toilets combine a best in class bidet with the most advanced cisternless toilet on the market today. These marvels are autoflushing, auto seat sensing, self cleaning machines and will make you reevaluate what is possible in this industry.

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Does your toilet paper look like this?

Does your toilet paper look like this?

Gone are the days of the thunderbox. Depending how old you are you might remember the outhouse. Toilet paper was the local newspaper or any paper that was available , and we were woken up once a week at 4 o’clock when the dunny man changed the drum.

Toilet hygiene has increased in leaps and bounds now we all have a toilet inside our house that flushes our business away at the touch of a button, putting the old dunny man out of a job. Toilet paper is available in so many types from single ply scratchy sheets to the triple ply ultra soft luxury scented rolls and even now moisturised wipes.

Now available is an automatic toilet seat that is so simple to operate, with just the press of a button the bidet toilet seat provides a gentle stream of warm water that cleans you thoroughly. Then press the AIR DRYER button and the bidet will automatically dry you without the need for toilet paper. Leaving you feeling fresh and clean.

Who needs a bidet?
The infirm or handicapped
Because the Bidet is hands-free, it has excellent benefits for those who are handicapped or disabled.  For patients who are mobility impaired, with a bidet, they are able to toilet themselves and manage their own hygiene.  No longer does one need to suffer through the embarrassment of asking a carer to help them in the toilet.  See our throne range of products for their auto flushing, auto cleansing features.

Chronic Illness Sufferers
For patients with Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Post Radiation Pain, Hemorrhoids etc, using toilet paper can be a form of torture.  A bidet can alleviate this pain through the use of soothing warm water and gentle air drying functions.  Our toilets and bidets can be life changing for people suffering from these terrible chronic illnesses. Going the the toilet is no longer torture, instead it becomes the daily, normal bodily function that it is for everyone else.  Our coway products feature sterilisation techniques which reduce the amount of bacteria in the nozzle, air + water stream which inject air bubbles to the water stream for a gentle and soothing cleanse of sensitive skin.  Have a look at our coway range here

Recurrent UTI Sufferers
UTI’s are a painful and limiting problem.  They can be excruciating, strike without warning and due to the increasing use of antibiotics, we’re beginning to see more resistant antibiotics in the community.  Early research has shown a reduction in UTI’s in regular bidet users.

The Environmentally Conscious
How much water are you using each time you go to the toilet?  A single roll of toilet paper takes 137L of water, 1.3 killowatt/hours of electricity and around a kilogram of wood to produce.  Compare this the half a litre of water that a typical bidet uses, and you’re talking huge environmental savings every time you go to the toilet.  Take a quick peek at our non-electronic eco bidets here

For all the unsung hero’s out there who provide compassionate care to our elderly and infirm, the bidet will make your life easier.  Your patient will no longer have to be stood to clean after toileting, reducing their fatigue levels and allow them to help you out more as you do your job, which means less time spent lifting and cleaning which will save your back.

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