Removable Toilet Seat Rail


Throne Support Rails have made a valuable difference to the many thousands
of people suffering from a disability or injury, and a great relief for their carers.
The range is available in powder coat or in polished stainless steel finish.
Decorator colours are available to complement modern bathrooms on request.



A range of stainless steel toilet seat rails which are secured to the rear of the toilet pan with bolts. They provide a horizontal rail to both sides for the user. The user can push on both rails for assistance to stand, or can hold the rails while lowering onto the toilet seat. Five models are available, in a polished steel or powder coated finish.

The Removable Toilet Seat Rail system comes in the following models:

  • Standard Toilet Seat Rail
  • Splayed Toilet Seat Rail
  • Fold Down Toilet Seat Rail
  • Sloped Toilet Seat Rail

The rail removable system answers the widest range of needs and assistance in toileting for both adults and children

  • Provide safety and confidence to the user
  • Provide hand rail support where it is needed, not on walls
  • Be independent of floors
  • Be a rigid fixture to the toilet pan
  • No need to remove for other users
  • Be easily attached and removed
  • Encourage Independence

Removable Toilet Seat Rails have been designed specifically for the comfort and dignity of anyone requiring
assistance with toileting, and for the Occupational Health and Safety needs of all carers; family,
volunteers, nursing home staff, hospital and school staff,
Types of people with disabilities or impairments, including, but not limited to:
Stroke | Multiple Sclerosis | Rheumatoid Arthritis | Cerebral Palsy | Hip & Knee
Replacement | Scoliosis | Sciatica | Sports Injuries | Frail Aged | Children | Post Surgery

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