Throne Knight Toilet


The most modern toilet with auto flush and warm seat in Australia. Even more functional and stylish than the Japanese Toto Toilets, the ECO range of toilets will simply blow you away

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The Throne Eco Toilet

Auto Flushing

Small flush about 4.5L will be used if the seat is occupied for less than 25 seconds.  Full flush about 6.0L will be used if the seat is occupied over 25 seconds.  Dual auto flush is available by seat sensor after user stands up.

Siphon water jet, Tornado flushing

It flushes waste with a small amount of water at a high pressure from the jet nozzle.  Tornado flushing.  It features perfect flushing by Siphon water jet with a small amount of water

Super water saving toilet

Featuring a perfect flush even at low water pressure (0.7khf/cm2, 20L/min) with considerable water savings of 4.5 liters for small flushes, 6.0 liters for full flushing.

Hi-tech wireless remote

Auto flush is available by wireless remote control.  All bidet functions are available by remote control and the lamp shows the current operation.

Heated Seat

The temperature of the seat is controllable


The seat and lid close down softly.

Seat sensor

The touch sensor detects human body on seat

Ergonomic seat design

Most existing toilet seat deigns have remained unchanged for the last 20 years.  However, the Tankless digital toilet introduces the advanced square design with a wider seat which is ergonomically designed to meet the change of the contemporary human body.

Night Light

The LED light is designed to lead user to the toilet when one visits the bathroom in the dark

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Waste Configuration

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