Portable Bidet Sense Personal

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A portable, battery operated, portable bidet system for after toilet cleansing. Now you can take your bidet with you


A plastic, battery operated, compact and portable bidet system for after toilet cleansing. It consists of a 180mm tank in which the inner part slides open to expose a folding nozzle. The tank is filled with water and once a button is pushed and held the nozzle sprays water where it is directed. There is a choice of three nozzles to give different patterns of spray. It comes with a wrist strap and carry bag. It is one size only and has a blue or pink outer shell and a white inner shell.

Different washing actions may be achieved using the appropriate nozzles.
External Use sprayer (H1) – external washing of genital and anal areas. It has a sliding cover to vary the intensity of the washing spray.
Internal Use sprayer (H2) with flexible hose – internal feminine washing or douching. Sterilise in boiling water before each use. Do not share this with others to avoid possible infection.
Nursing Sprayer (H3) – general washing of body parts of infants and patients confined to a bed. Turn the top of the sprayer to select the appropriate spraying mode (mist or stream).

Battery: Requires 1 x AA alkaline dry battery. An oval plastic key for opening the battery compartment is supplied with the unit.
Transporting: It will fit into a car glove box or hand bag.
Suitable for: Relieving the discomfort caused by haemorrhoids, infections, itching etc. Assists mothers with young children and infants.
Colour: Available in blue or pink



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