Dual Check Valve

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Our Dual Check Valve or Double check assembly ( DCA ) is the best on the market. It holds a safety rating to 1200KPA and has been tested at over 1500KPA


This is the best quality Dual Check Valve 1200 kpa (175 psi or 12 bar) on the market today used on our bidet installations – most Dual Check Valves are only tested to 700KPA our Dual Check Valve holds a safety rating of 1200KPA.

The Dual Check Valve a smaller version of the double check assembly ( DCA ) is also required when connecting drip systems or pop-up systems to the main water line to prevent backflow into the mains.
Once installed the Double Check Valve Assembly prevents the backflow of contaminated water into the potable water supply.

The water pressures in most areas in Australia are higher then the rest of the world . That’s why our Dual Check Valves been tested to over 1500KPA, thus ensuring your peace of mind that the Dual Check Valve you purchase from us is going to do the job you purchased it for.

All our Dual Check Valves have been submitted for testing and hold relevant approval certificates.

Package Content:
1 x 1/2 inch BSB Male – Female Dual Check Valve
1 x Washer



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