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First thing to do is to measure from the front of the cistern to the front of the bowl (A size) Measure inside the bowl, front to back (B size) Is the water supply on the wall at the back or inside the cistern? Do you have access to the bolts that hold the seat down?

If your toilet is different, don’t worry, we have a Bidet to suit all toilet pans. Call us on 1800 243 387
Please be ready to quote your A size and B size to our operator to assist us with sizing your toilet (see above)

Important Info:

If you are facing the wall, all electric Bidet seat power leads come from the right hand side and all the water connections are from the left hand side

* If power or water is on the opposite sides, a longer pipe may be required and a clear access behind the toilet is preferred

Modified installations with specific Bidet seats are possible.

We have a Bidet for 99.9% of all applications

If your toilet differs to this, please contact us


How do I install it?

install-1 install-2 install-3 install-4
Remove your toilet seat Connect your pipes Place Bidet on top Plug into the wall